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Is It Really Open

From the Wikipedia entry on the Open Source Model:

Open source promotes universal access via an open-source or free license to a product's design or blueprint, and universal redistribution of that design or blueprint.

Project Open Source? Claim Individual/Organization Notes
Air Quality Egg No " ... a ... device that uses sensors to record changes in the levels of specified air contaminants." GitHub There are multiple references to it being "open-source hardware" on but the source and design files available on GitHub have no license.
BCN3D yes "A fully Open Source 3D printed robot arm" source (GPLv3), hardware (CERN OHL), electronics (CERN OHL)
DIY LilCNC yes "... open-source set of plans for an inexpensive, fully functional 3-axis CNC ..." DIYLilCNC Downloads
Doti: Open Source Jacquard Loom No "open source" Doti From the website: "Doti is an open source desktop jacquard loom ..." yet no design files are available
OpenEIT No "open"
FarmBot yes "Open Source CNC Farming" source (MIT), design files (CC0)
Index PnP yes "Open Source pick and place machine" source GPLv3
InMoov No "InMoov is the first Open Source 3D printed life-size robot." Design files are under a non commercial license.
Lasersaur yes "open source laser cutter" Lasersaur License
ODrive yes "... accurately driving brushless motors, for cheap." source hardware
OpenBike No "... Open source designs for all ..." source All files are available under a CC-BY-NC-SA license
OpenCat mixed "A programmable and highly maneuverable robotic cat ..." OpenCat Source files are under MIT license but design files for the robot are not available.
OpenDog yes "CAD and code for each episode of my open source dog series" XRobots GPLv3
Open Desk mixed "open" Though they don't claim anywhere that they're "open source", the name is misleading. Many of their furniture designs are free/libre (CC0, CC-BY) but many are under a non-commercial license
OpenKnit No "open source digital knitting" OpenKnit No license on source, Instructables build under a non commercial license (CC-BY-NC-SA)
OpenMower No "Open Source" GitHub The license is CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0
Open Press Project No "Open Press" Martin Schneider All design files are under a non commercial license (CC-BY-NC)
OpenROV mixed "OpenROV is a DIY telerobotics community centered around underwater exploration & adventure." Source code is under an MIT license but design files are under a non commercial license (CC-BY-NC-SA).
OpenScanner No "Open Hardware" The project uses third party software to do the photogramatry, so the project consists of the PCB design files, Arduino code and 3D design files all which have no license information or are under a non-commercial license.
Open Source Fashion unknown "Open Source" in name Open Source Fashion I don't know what's "open source" about their site. It looks to be just a blog.
Free Sewing yes "an open source platform for made-to-measure sewing patterns" Free Sewing Source is free/libre and other content is under CC-BY
Openwear yes * (now defunct) "Openwear is an open-source brand concept ..." Openwear Pattern files look to be under free/libre licenses (CC-BY-SA etc.)
OSLoom No "open source jacquard loom" OS Loom Though there are claims of the source being under GPL and the hardware being under OHL, I can't find any design files. Other project design files, when available, are all under a non commercial license (CC-BY-NC-SA).
Poppy Humanoid yes "... an open-source and 3D printed humanoid robot." source
Seamly2D / Valentina yes "Open source patternmaking software." Seamly2D Pattern making software
STM32 Open Source Multimeter No "Open source multimeter"." EmbedBlog All source, case design files and documentation are under a non-commercial license (CC-BY-NC-SA)
Thor yes "DIY 3D Printable Robotic Arm" source (CC-BY-SA)


From the Wikipedia entry on Open Source Software:

Open-source software (OSS) is computer software with its source code made available with a license in which the copyright holder provides the rights to study, change, and distribute the software to anyone and for any purpose.

This is an attempt to create a list of projects to reconcile claims of openness with whether they actually are open.

Often times companies claim that their projects are "open source", either computer source code, design files or other digital artifacts, but either fail to provide the source or fail to provide proper licensing.

When talking about other digital assets, either art files, design files, documentation, etc., what constitutes the analog of "open source" can get confusing, but I will generally take it to mean that they provide the fundamental copyrightable material to help with or recreate the project under a license that respects the freedoms of being able to run or create, to study, to change and to distribute, including distribution for commercial purposes.