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Resize with Imagemagick

Using Imagemagick's convert tool, you can resize an image but Imagemagick does interpolation so the resulting image can look pretty bad.

For example, using the input (animated) gif:

Input (small) animated gif

And issuing the command to resize it by a factor of 4:

$ convert tree_anim_inp.gif -resize 400% tree_anim_ugly.gif

produces the interpolated (and ugly) picture:

Ugly interpolated animated gif

Instead, use the scale command:

$ convert tree_anim_inp.gif -scale 400% tree_anim_out.gif

Clean scaled up animated gif


Saving animated GIFs in Gimp

Save as a .gif file extension. When exporting, there will be an option to save as an animation:

Save as animated Gif in Gimp

Check it and you should have an animated GIF.