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Renaming master branch to release

From Adam Dymitruk on SO

git checkout -b release master    # create and switch to the release branch
git push -u origin release        # push the release branch to the remote and track it
git branch -d master              # delete local master

If you're using GitHub (as I am), issuing the next needed command (git push --delete origin master) will fail because GitHub won't let you delete the default branch, which is stil master.

In order to successfully be able to delete the remote master branch, you have to set the default branch on GitHub to be the newly created branch (i.e. release).

GitHub Edit Default Branches Admin Web Page

After the default branch has been changed to the newly created branch (release in this case), issuing the following commands will now work:

git push --delete origin master   # delete remote master
git remote prune origin           # delete the remote tracking branch


Apparantly GitHub does not allow wikis to be anything other than the master branch. This is why I had to move to my own hosting service to continue this dev blog.